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Based on the data you have entered, this is the predicted impact and ROI your business is capable of achieving with AI-powered chatbots:


{{ annualChatCapacity.current | format }} chats


{{ annualChatCapacity.future | format }} chats


{{ futureAgents.addition }}

new agents,
for a total of {{ }}.




KeyReply chatbot,
with unlimited capacity.

Labor cost


Livechat cost


Chatbot cost



Predicted cost with {{ futureAgents.addition }} new agents

{{ | format('$ ') }}

Predicted cost with chatbot

{{ | format('$ ') }}

Adding KeyReply AI-powered chatbot as a
customer engagement channel will generate savings of

{{ ( - | format('$ ') }} ({{ Math.floor(( - / * 100) }}%)

Other benefits:

  1. Productivity gains
  2. Customer satisfaction improvements
  3. Service level improvements
  4. 24/7 support availability for customers and stakeholders
  5. Process efficiency and employee productivity gains
  6. Up-skill employees to work on high value added complex work
  7. Higher employee satisfaction and retention
  8. Real time data analytics on what customers are asking about for strategic reporting and decision making

{{ cost.roiInOneYear | format }}%

{{ cost.paybackPeriod | format }} month(s)

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